Plants are expensive and need to be looked after. For clients who have used any of our services, we can offer on-going advice on design, styling and planting.

At Gardeny, we take a cooperative approach, developing the design concept together with our clients, tailoring the service according to their taste, needs and budget.

To further assist our clients with the upkeep of their gardens, we can also recommend landscape maintenance contractors and gardeners to help with regular garden care.

A modern irrigation system turns time you spend watering into leisure time and - if you want - can control the irrigation of your entire garden.

We are nice people with a lot of experience.

Christion did an amazing job! My tub was stained and chipped and now it looks brand new. Saved me a ton of money and headache replacing it. I highly recommend him.

Christopher C.

These guys really know what they are doing! Our bathtub and bathroom counters look as good as new!

Jimmy C.

Best money we have spent in a long time. Great customer service and we love the new look of our kitchen countertops! As the saying goes, when it comes to kitchen improvements, we don't live in a granite neighborhood. We got an an estimate of $2300 from someone else to rip out our old 1980's cheap laminate and replace it with the ugly stock stuff from Lowes, if you can believe that. Not wanting to spend but half of that, we kept looking and found these guys. For a total of about $425, now we have a great looking countertop! Nice thing is you don't rip anything out so it's much less time. The sink and everything else was taped off so not a drop got where it was not supposed to go. This company is great!

Satisfied Client

Texas Resurfacing recently refinished a shower pan in my master bathroom. They did an amazing job. The owner, who did the refinishing, was extremely professional and very easy to communicate with. The finished product looks amazing. The owner even came back to my house and caulked the shower enclosure after the refinish had time to dry. Highly recommended.

Andre A.

Christion resurfaced two tubs for us and they look brand new! He was personable and professional and finshed the work in less than the estimated time and cost. Very professional and detailed. He took great care of us and I highly recommend him!

Robin R.

Bring nature in your home.

We don’t cut corners to maximize our profit.